Energy System

Heat insulation

  • Minimize air infiltration
  • A window must assure you optimum heat insulation all year long.
  • Outstanding heat insulation.
  • No thermal bridges.
  • More light incidence thanks to leaner profile appearance.
  • The Ufvalue 1.1 W/m2K for 3 chambers profile at a depth of 62 mm.
  • Reduce the initial cost for heating and air conditioning up to 30%.
  • Innovative technologies with a guaranteed future

Sound insulation

Everyday life is dominated by hecticness. You long for more silence.
PANORAMA SLIDING SYSTEM with special glazing offer you best sound insulation for a silent home.


  • Window systems from DS guarantee you stable and high quality materials you can rely on.
  • Use of the relevant security window hardware guarantees best protection against break-in