Our Vision

To produce the most successful quality profiles for windows, doors, shutters in order to achieve our customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The summary of DS Building Division perfection on production is to produce quality profiles and to deliver these items to anywhere through its manufacturers network in order for it to promote customer satisfaction. “To produce a quality PVC profile” for DS Building Division means to combine qualitative PVC raw material and most and most advanced production techniques with experienced personal and good organization.

Special compound is constituted with PVC raw material (obtained through vinyl chloride production polymerization), protective materials against natural forces, color pigments, other filling materials. PVC compound formation is the first step to DS Building Division profiles.

This compound is then processed into DS Building Division profiles through high tech extruders, DS Building Division tooling components and double-sided protection folios.

The newly produced profiles before being processed into further stage are tasted against physical forces, break ability, and color stability under thermal conditions.

Its appearance. color, measures and surface are frequently tested. Afterwards the profiles are left to be stored so that they are ready to be cut and processed.